U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency


Services That Find The Fugitive!

One of the benefits of using U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is the variety of services that we provide. From finding criminals that have been hiding out for decades to utilizing the latest in technology, we are your go-to fugitive recovery service for even the most complex of cases.

We know that your bail contract is a document that should never be dishonored. Therefore we do our best to protect your best interests when it comes to bail enforcement and fugitive recovery.

We Specialize In

Assisting Local Law Enforcement

Not all escaped criminals abscond the same. Therefore we lend our expertise to city law enforcement agencies to help them prevent further acts of crime within their jurisdiction by finding their most wanted convicts.

Bail Bonds Agencies

We understand that keeping track of your offender is the primary goal of your business. In some instances, the bail bonded client has other ideas. This is why we collaborate with bail bond agencies to find those that have absconded so that you may see a return on your financial investment and keep your doors open.

Government Agency Recovery

With federal crimes being on the rise, the federal government has a long list of offenders that are currently on the run. We work hand-in-hand with the FBI, DEA, U.S. Marshall Service, and other federal government agencies to get federal offenders back in custody.

Criminal Profiling

When it comes to tracking down offenders, we have the ability to practice one of the most efficient tools when it comes to finding your felon. Criminal profiling is a lot more than a subject that is on many television shows. It is a proven method for tracking fugitives and finding them with proficiency.

To get started, please fill out our contact form for a free consultation regarding any fugitive flight and wanted offender. Once received by U.S. Bond Enforcement Agency, we will request the following paperwork to start our search: