U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency

U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency

Why U.S. Bail

U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is your perfect partner to apprehend those who are on the run from the law. With over 36 years of experience in the bail enforcement industry, we are a team of Fugitive recovery experts that comprehend the Industry of failed court dates, liability issues and pain created to the Bondsmen At USBEA, we ease the burden placed on bail agencies and sureties with a complex science that pays off!

Our only service is to locate and apprehend known offenders who squandered off on their bond liability creating unnecessary liability that is placed upon the bondsman and the Surety Industry.

Who Utilizes Our Services?

One of the benefits that we enjoy is a better understanding of the law governing Fugitive recovery and the cooperation we enjoy with local, state and federal authorities. With a long list of domestic and foreign operations.

U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is the ideal bail enforcement service to have your back on your investment on each Fugitive from Justice. We completely understand the pain of the bail bondsmen.

U.S. Bail Enforcement is the only trusted source that works regularly with the INS, U.S. Secret Service for financial crimes, U.S. Marshal Service, FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Why Work With U.S. Bail Enforcement?

We understand that there is a complexity of bail enforcement agents available to you who tout about their abilities with no evidence or documentation to support their whims. Unlike others who will and do provide lackluster performance, U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency provides results.

When it comes to the highest elevation of fugitive recovery, our proven track record is something to brag about! Not only have we found over 6100+ fugitives around the United States and internationally, but we are also considered an expert in the business of fugitive profiling.

Our founder and lead fugitive recovery agent, Scott Bernstein, has been featured on the following media outlets and news programs:

Scott is an expert profiler, criminologist, analyst, and criminal science behaviorist.

Scott continually appears and featured in the media community for the exploits and accomplishments as the Industry Authority.
These are the reality shows that features Scott Bernstein and U.S. Bail Enforcement,
just to name a few:


Scott was featured to date in 18 international documentaries regarding fugitive science and operational excellence. Additionally, Scott held a contract with America’s Most Wanted for twelve years as their only bounty hunter and fugitive recovery specialist. He has assisted AMW is hundreds of successful Operations working alongside local, state and federal authorities.

Bernstein was also featured in all talk shows around the nation such as Oprah, 60 Minutes, Court TV, Geraldo, Montez, Sally Jesse Raphael, Rolanda, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America and many others. He was consistantly retained by these media outlets to target and investigate the most heinous crimes of our modern day era with the likes of OJ Simpson, Jon Benet, Elizabeth Smart, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson and dozens of others.

He continues working with several government agencies in the apprehension of fugitives such as the INS, FBI, U.S. Marshall Service, the Secret Service and several local law enforcement agencies.

When it comes to bail bond enforcement agencies, U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is the leader of the pack. Our priority is threefold;

● locate FFJ’s swiftly
● arrest FFJ’s safely and effectively
● transport to the agreed location and incarcerate