U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency

About Us

U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency

U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is the premier bounty hunting and fugitive recovery specialist in the business. Not only do we have a proven track record of success in our 36 years of business, but we also have recovered some of the most wanted criminals in the country and beyond!

Our Founder

Our founder, Scott Bernstein, has been featured on countless media outlets and televised programs that focus on finding those that are on the run from the law. Considered “the expert” in fugitive recovery services, Scott has found criminals that have alluded dozens of law enforcement agencies and traditional bail bondsmen agencies for years if not decades.

In addition to many personal successes in apprehending fugitives, Scott has also been awarded ‘Agent of the Year’ for dozens of years by NABEA (National Association of Bail Enforcement Agents, NIBE (National Institute of Bail Enforcement), IABEA (International Association of Bail Enforcement Agents, and LEAA (Law Enforcement Alliance of America). Needless to say, his efforts have not gone unnoticed by the law enforcement and fugitive recovery communities.

In addition to traditional bounty hunting, Scott has also lent his helping hand to counter-terrorism efforts, child recovery services, and finding hundreds of escaped fugitives that have been in hiding for decades.

One of the features that sets U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency apart from the rest is our expertise in many facets of fugitive recovery. From using the latest technology such as drones to confirming the right door to make entry, our bounty hunters do the proper detective work to find those that don’t want to be found!

It is our job to not make any mistakes when it comes to fugitive recovery. It is our combined assets and skills that ensure that not only do we obey the law when it comes to recovering criminals but that we also ensure that our clientele is legally protected as well.

Some career criminals think that they have rights when it comes to their arrest. However, the violation of their bond ensures that they gave up those rights when they entered into the bail bond agreement. This is why U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency has a stunning success record. We know what we are allowed to do within the confines of the law and practice those methods with proven success.

Additionally, we are proud to say that we honor every contract that is placed with us. We understand that we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. This is why we treat your fugitive recovery as our own. Whether you are looking for someone in a one-horse town or internationally, our team of experts is committed to finding the Fugitive in hiding.

When you’re seeking the right bounty hunter for the job, U.S. Bail Enforcement Agency is here for you! No matter how complex the case is or how much work it takes for us to complete.